• System Upgrades Nearly Double Capacity

  • 30 Year Celebration at White Pigeon

  • New Air Sheds to Handle Thick Stock

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  • 34 Years & 100 Classes Later...

  • More Flexible Thick Stock Production

Welcome to Banks Hardwoods. From our modest beginnings in 1985 as a direct wholesaler, we've grown to become a valued supplier of hardwoods to some of the most discerning buyers in the industry.

System Upgrades Nearly Double Capacity

December 2, 2016

We've created two separate rip systems with individual scanners that will almost double our ripping capacity at our White Pigeon, Michigan production facility.


Dave Sieggreen Now Quality Control Manager

December 1, 2016

For 16 years Dave was involved in inspector development, the Banks Hardwoods school, and customer education. Now, he's our Quality Control Manager.


Banks Team Management Changes

November 30, 2016

Scott Hetchler was named Plant Manager of our Menomonie Division and Jake Holcomb was promoted to Plant Manager in Newberry.


Investing in Family Culture Yields Dividends

July 25, 2016

A reprint of an article from the May/June issue of 269 Magazine about the family culture here at Banks Hardwoods.