We're Growing Green.

We've planted thousands of trees on unused portions of our White Pigeon facility property.Several years ago, after much evaluation of our company values, strategies and goals, Banks Hardwoods decided to embark on a new journey – one that involves setting and achieving environmental goals. Our mission is simple; to conduct our business in a more environmentally friendly manner – “growing green” so to speak.

In addition, we believe we can offer additional value to our customers with this initiative. For many years we’ve focused on lean manufacturing and reducing waste. A solid environmental program compliments this approach, enhancing our business, our employees’ work environment and eventually the bottom line for both our company and our customers.

Voluntary, Proactive Action

Rather than wait for more regulation, we’ve been proactive in pursuing voluntary acts of sustainability – instituting a continuous process improvement and facilities upgrade program. We began by doing the little things like turning off the lights, lowering the heat or turning up the air conditioning a few degrees. Then we converted to new, more efficient light bulbs (CFL’s) and looked for more ways to recycle everything. Our attention then turned to bigger things like water and electricity usage. We’ve also taken our initial steps in tree farming. See the full list here.

Sustainability Issues

Many of our customers are facing increasing questions about the sustainability of our lumber and we too are concerned about quality forestry practices. While we offer lumber from certified sources, we still purchase a strong percentage of our material from sustainable forest lands that are not, and may never be, officially certified. We are doing our best to make sure we favor those companies with the most reputable practices. We can honestly say that the majority of our North American lumber is harvested in a sustainable manner, and our producers do a good job of cutting timber and managing the forests in which they work.