Working Towards a Waste-Free Production Process

Posted Mar 05, 2015 by Banks Staff

The production of hardwood lumbercreates by-products that many decades ago may have been considered waste. Since our inception, we’ve always endeavored to make the best use of these by-products. Our goal is 100% utilization at the dry kiln concentration yard level.

With inbound lumber, we recycle the blocking that comes with the loads of green lumber. We grind up waste products, such as edge trimmings from our Quantum system or cut-offs from our production lines, for use in wood-fired boilers to run our steam kilns as well as heat our buildings during the winter.

We sell truckloads of additional shavings we can’t use on-site, which are further processed and packaged for animal bedding and wood pellets.

We recognize these precious hardwood resources take decades to grow, so we strive to make good use of every inch in all three of our production facilities.