Celebrating 30 Years of Quality Everything

Posted May 11, 2015 by Steve Banks

This time 30 years ago I was thinking of nothing but starting Banks Hardwoods. I could not wait for that first day: Monday, July 1, 1985.

With Holli by my side we hit the ground running and never looked back. So many wonderful chapters later here we are in 2015 – 160 people strong, still making sawdust, and selling to some of the finest customers in North America and beyond.

It took many years for us to develop our niche, values and standards. Those things take time for any new business, especially one run by young people in their 20’s. Starting out as pure office wholesalers, we spent our first few years trading kiln dried lumber and learning what worked and what didn’t with our small cadre of customers.

It wasn’t until we began grading lumber behind a planer, selling to small cabinet shops, and experimenting with grading, sorting and quality control did things begin to blossom into what we are doing today. From the beginning, our customers played a large role in our development.

Determined to serve every customer in the best way possible, we set very high standards for quality and customer service. We strived to hire great people and created an environment where we could all thrive. Over time, we’ve been able to invest in beautiful facilities and excellent machinery – making our quest easier to pursue. We are blessed with access to some of the best hardwood lumber in North America from mills we’ve called friends for a long time.

We are very thankful for all of our good customers, particularly those most discerning and demanding, who are primarily responsible for our pursuit of excellence. They inspire us to do our best every day and quickly remind us on the rare occasion we fall short.

We realize we have a good thing going and have no plans to slack off anytime soon. We have grown to a size where it is very challenging to keep track of every detail and produce the perfect load, day in and day out. But with this our 30th year, we plan to do nothing less than buckle down even harder and strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our business is chocked full of smart, hardworking young people in whom I have full faith can carry out this mission and take our company to its next great milestone in fine fashion.
Thank you to everyone for helping us to succeed; my fellow team members, our sawmill partners and our great customers for these first 30 years. 

~ Steve Banks