34 Years & 100 Classes Later...

Posted May 11, 2015 by Steve Banks

Over the years, we have sent quite a few folks to the NHLA Inspector Training School – 49, in fact. My father sent me to Memphis in 1981 for fourteen weeks to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to be a hardwood lumberman.

It changed my life forever. 

Although the course has been shortened since then, three months is still a long time to be in Memphis, as some of you well know. Between board runs, keeping the guys in line, and learning to love the blues, my daughter Brady graduated as part of the 176th class. Of course, the influence was always there, but it was her decision to enroll in the winter class, feeling as though it would be an excellent way to continue her career in the hardwood industry.

It was an honor to be present at graduation and walk through the hallowed halls of NHLA once again. Seeing my daughter earn a stripe and gain a renewed perspective on her role at Banks Hardwoods was pretty cool, too.