30 Year Celebration at White Pigeon

Posted Sep 01, 2015 by Banks Staff

On July 1, 2015, the employees of the White Pigeon production facility celebrated the 30th anniversary of Banks Hardwoods, Inc. with a luncheon held on the grounds of that facility. Both 1st and 2nd shifts were present, as well as Steve, Holli, Brittney and Brady Banks. The catered luncheon included music under the tent. Steve Banks gave a speech about our company and its history, and everyone had the opportunity to talk with fellow employees. Thank you Steve & Holli for 30 years of Quality Every- thing here at Banks Hardwoods!

Steve and Brittney chat with employees under the big tent.

Rob Nilsen, one of our longest serving employees, met Steve as a student when he taught him to play guitar. In honor of that, Steve offered a special song about Banks Hardwoods.

Steve and Holli speak with employees, offering their sincere appreciation for the passionate and dedicated employees of all Banks locations.