American Chestnut Reforestation

Posted Jun 27, 2012 by Banks Staff

This past spring The American Chestnut Foundation planted more than 1,000 potentially blight-resistant American Chestnuts on 22 acres of a reclaimed coal mine site in Schuylkill County, PA. This planting kicks off a large-scale, multi-year project by TACF to reforest 12 reclaimed mine sites.

Over three years, approximately 14,000 blight-resistant America Chestnuts will be planted by TACF and project cooperators on a total of 360 acres. Once the mighty giants of the eastern forests, American Chestnuts stood up to 100 feet tall, and numbered in the billions before a blight accidentally imported from Asia spread rapidly through the American Chestnut population. This planting is made possible by more than 28 years of careful breeding and research by TACF’s scientists.

Banks Hardwoods has been a strong supporter of TACF and their American Chestnut restoration efforts. For more information on TACF and their work, visit