Adding Value to Value-Added

Posted Jun 28, 2013 by Banks Staff

As a part of that never-ending quest to improve products and processes, we’ve made some changes to the ‘value-added’ portion of our White Pigeon, Michigan facility.

Previously, we had our Newman 282 finish planer and SLR1E saw located separately from our Mereen-Johnson 312 gang rip and Weinig moulder. We eliminated the SLR1E ripsaw and combined the other three machines for a more streamlined process.

These changes have reduced handling and transportation of materials during processing. In turn, we’re better positioned to handle quick-turnaround orders faster and more efficiently than ever.
The enhanced Value-Added Division is managed by Dave Sieggreen. With Dave’s extensive expertise in hardwood lumber grading and quality control, there’s no doubt our value-added products will continue to meet, if not exceed, our ‘Quality Everything’ standards.

Our Value-Added Division handles a variety of small- to medium-sized orders requiring ripping, finish surfacing or moulding. These include products such as:

Square Edged
Custom Blanks
Precision Width Sorted
Product of the Grade