White Pigeon Expansion Update

Posted Jan 30, 2014 by Banks Staff

With increasing demands for our hardwood lumber from customers the past few years, we broke ground on a major expansion of our production capabilities this past fall.

We moved Air Shed A to make room for new kilns, and built two new air sheds to accommodate more air-drying capacity. There are also two footprints prepared for two new air sheds whenever demand warrants further expansion.

In addition to the air-drying sheds, we built a shed for staging green lumber. We also expanded the green chain building to accommodate pulling off both sides of the chain, which will allow more sort options on the green side.

Lastly, we built seven new 30,000 board feet dry kilns manufactured by Kiln Drying Component Systems (KDS), bringing our total kiln capacity to 2.8 million board feet. We added a new kiln office to go with them, and have an additional footprint to build eight more kilns when needed. These new, smaller kilns will be used primarily for thick stock as we ramp up production of those items. We look forward to the new kilns adding depth and breadth to our product offerings as our customer needs expand in the coming months.