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    One of the advantages of the Quantum system is the ability to take lumber directly off sticks and convert it in one continuous process.

  • Surfacing

    The lumber first passes through a Newman S382 helical head planer for "hit-or-miss" surfacing. This surfacing step allows us to better detect the defects and color variations at the grading station.

  • Grading

    Under specialized lighting, our inspector grades for color and overall grade. Quantum allows the grader to assign each board to one of sixteen or more categories based on the customer's specific criteria.

  • Scanning

    High-speed scanning of both sides of every board by our Dysys 3 produces comprehensive data for optimization and saw control. Data on color, size, shape and position of defects for every board is noted.

  • Labeling

    The in-line inkjet printer gives us the capability of printing sort codes or board footage on each board prior to it passing through the system.

  • Ripping

    Using data collected from the scanning station, the two computerized Mereen Johnson 2+ gang rip saws reconfigure on-the-fly for precise rips and maximum yield from each board.

  • Defecting

    Ripped lumber is custom defected to the customer's specifications at this station.

  • Final Sort

    Our 125-foot sorting chain permits over 25 different sorts.