Prunus serotina

The color of cherry is light reddish-brown in the heartwood and the sapwood is nearly white. The heartwood color will darken with age and on exposure to light. Cherry is usually straight-grained; satiny, with some figured. Small gum pockets are normal markings.


Cherry is easy to machine, nail and glues well and when sanded and stained, it produces an excellent smooth finish. The wood is of medium density with good bending properties, it has low stiffness and medium strength and shock resistance.


It is used mainly in cabinets, furniture, carving, and turnery. It is also used for paneling, decorative veneer, architecturally woodwork, caskets, woodenware, novelties, musical instruments, gun stocks, handles, and toys.

Rustic Cherry

Prunus serotina

Rustic Cherry is pulled from Michigan and Pennsylvania for it’s character. It will yield no less than #1Com with sound cuttings (unlike clear-face cuttings in the standard grading rules). The sound characters will include gum streaks, sound knots, excessive pin knots, and pin knot clusters. Color will include a full rage of colors inherent to Cherry. The color will be a minimum of 60% heartwood in varying shades of red on the sound character face with the reverse side up to 100% sapwood.