While we specialize in Northern White Hard Maple and Northern Red Oak, we also supply Cherry, Hickory, Ash, Soft Maple, White Oak and a variety of other domestic species. The samples you see here are only a partial listing of what we offer. Please contact your sales representative to request additional information on these or other species.


Fraxinus americana

The color of ash is somewhat lustrous; cream to very light brown heartwood with lighter colored sapwood. Ash has a straight moderately open grain.


Betula alleghaniensi

The color of Birch is cream or light brown tinged with red, with thin, nearly white sapwood. Birch is straight grained and fine textured.


Prunus serotina

The color of cherry is light reddish-brown in the heartwood and the sapwood is nearly white. The heartwood color will darken with age and on exposure to light. Cherry is usually straight-grained; satiny, with some figured. Small gum pockets are normal markings.

Hard Maple

acer saccharum

Banks Hardwoods White Hard Maple is distinguished by its whiteness and superior uniformity of color. Our grading of maple exceeds all industry standards. Hard Maple is usually straight-grained; sometimes found highly figured with curly, fiddleback, birds eye or burl grain, scattered over entire tree or in irregular stripes and patches.


Carya spp.

Hickory is generally straight grained and coarse textured. It is known for its appealing appearance. Strong, bold grain patterns show through colors ranging from bright white to rich, deep red/brown. The brown to reddish brown is heartwood and the white, is nearly white sapwood.

Red Oak, Northern

Quercus rubra

The color of Red Oak varies to the region in which the tree has grown. Banks prides itself with high quality Red Oak from the Northern Region. Red Oak is straight grained with a course textures and prominent rays. Its color is reddish tan heartwood and narrow, almost white sapwood.

Soft Maple, Red Leaf

Acer rubrum

Soft Maple has the same general characteristics as Hard Maple, but nearly as hard or strong. Red Leaf Soft Maple is close grained and resembles sugar maple, but is softer in texture, not as heavy, lacks the figure, and has somewhat poorer machining qualities.


Juglans nigra

The color of the heartwood of Black Walnut ranges from light brown to chocolate brown – sometimes with purplish overtones; the sapwood is light brown, and often steam treated in order to reduce the contrast.

White Oak

Quercus alba

White Oak, like Red Oak grows broadly across the eastern half of the United States. Although in smaller quantities than Red Oak, White Oak is a ring porous species with a characteristic strong grain and rays that are more pronounced and longer than those in Red Oaks. The heartwood is light to medium tan; the sapwood is creamy-white.